Expanding Frontiers

Business Care Solutions

Business Care Solutions

Welcome to Kartavya Healtheon, your dedicated partner in prioritizing the health and well-being of businesses and their employees across India.

Our holistic healthcare solutions are crafted to support the diverse health needs of your workforce, fostering a thriving and productive work environment.
Helpline & Appointment Scheduling

Access exclusive discounts and seamless appointment scheduling with leading diagnostic labs across India for timely healthcare services.

Hospital Admission Benefits

Unlock discounts at our extensive partner hospital network across India, ensuring affordable medical care for your employees’ diverse medical needs.

On-Call or Chat Consultations

Provide your workforce with timely medical advice from experienced General Practitioners (GPs) through convenient on-call or chat consultations.

Accidental Insurance Coverage

Offer added protection for the well-being of your employees with comprehensive accidental insurance coverage.

On-Call Ambulance Service

Ensure quick access to quality healthcare in emergencies with our efficient on-call ambulance service across India.

With Kartavya as your trusted healthcare partner, your business enterprise can proactively prioritize employee health, leading to enhanced productivity and increased employee satisfaction. Empower your workforce with our tailored healthcare benefits designed to meet their unique needs. Contact us today to explore how our comprehensive healthcare services can significantly benefit your business and contribute to the well-being of your employees across India.