Patient Centric Solutions

Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty Pharmacy

Kartavya is proud to offer specialized Specialty Pharmacy services as part of our patient support programs. Our Specialty Pharmacy operates on a direct-to-patient model, providing a seamless and patient-centric approach to medication access and delivery. As a trusted partner to pharmaceutical companies, we not only run patient support programs, including patient access programs with free medications, but we also facilitate the sales of commercial medicines directly to patients.

Key Features of our Specialty Pharmacy Program

Patient Enrolment and Comprehensive Support

Patients are enrolled into our Specialty Pharmacy Program, and we provide them with comprehensive support tailored to their specific needs. From disease education to medication delivery, we ensure that patients receive all the necessary services as part of the program.

Convenient Medicine Ordering

Patients can place medicine orders directly with Kartavya, offering them the convenience of accessing their medications from the comfort of their homes.

Home Delivery

Our Specialty Pharmacy Program includes home delivery of medications, ensuring that patients receive their prescribed treatments promptly and without hassle.

End-to-End Engagement

We undertake an end-to-end engagement program, which includes disease monitoring, education, and medicine delivery. This comprehensive approach ensures that patients' medical needs are addressed effectively.

Health Coach Support

Each patient is assigned a dedicated health coach who communicates in the patient's preferred language. This personalized support fosters a strong patient-coach relationship and ensures effective communication and guidance throughout the treatment journey.

Super-Specialty Medicines

Our Specialty Pharmacy Program is particularly valuable for super-specialty medicines, as it enhances patient engagement and adherence to treatment plans.

Differential Pricing and Staggered EMI Options

Kartavya offers pharmaceutical companies the option of implementing differential pricing and staggered EMI plans to increase patient access to the Specialty Pharmacy Program.

Highlights of our Specialty Pharmacy

Storage Facility

Our storage facility is equipped to handle room temperature and cold storage products, including 2°C to 8°C, ensuring the efficacy of medications with specific handling requirements.

FDA Compliance

We adhere to all requisite FDA norms and regulations, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety in medication storage and distribution.

Last Mile Delivery

Kartavya provides last mile delivery of medications to patients' homes, making it convenient for them to access their prescribed treatments.

Digital & Cash on Delivery (COD) Facility

We offer digital as well as cash on delivery option for patients, simplifying the payment process and ensuring a smooth medication delivery experience.

Walk-In Patient Support

For patient access program (PAP) patients, we provide walk-in support at selected locations to assist with documentation and facilitation.

Hub and Spoke Model

To efficiently deliver medications to other locations, we operate on a hub and spoke model, collaborating with leading logistics companies for medicine delivery.

At Kartavya, our Specialty Pharmacy Program is designed to provide exceptional patient care and support, complementing the efforts of healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies. Through our patient-centric approach, we aim to optimize patient outcomes and enhance treatment adherence for patients with complex medical conditions. Partner with us to make a meaningful impact on patients’ lives and improve their overall well-being through our specialized Specialty Pharmacy services.