Patient Centric Solutions

Implant Care Programs

Implant Care Programs

As a trusted healthcare support services provider, Kartavya excels in executing comprehensive patient support programs for medical device companies. We bring extensive experience and expertise to tailor programs according to the specific needs of each client and their patients. With a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and a patient-centric approach, we ensure that patients receive the highest quality of care and support throughout their medical implant procedures. 

Pre-Surgery Support

Pre-Surgery Education and Support:

Empowering patients with knowledge about the implant procedure, recovery process, and necessary pre-surgery preparations.

Patient Education and Counselling

Providing comprehensive patient education and counselling services for both patients and caregivers, addressing their questions and concerns.

Post-Surgery Support

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

Offering expert post-surgery rehabilitation services, including physical therapy and occupational therapy, to facilitate a smooth recovery.

Pain Management Program

Implementing pain management programs that address post-operative pain through proper medication administration and pain control strategies.

Adherence and Compliance Program

Focusing on patient adherence to post-surgery care and medication regimens, providing reminders, educational resources, and ongoing support.

Dedicated Patient Support Helpline

Providing patients with access to a dedicated helpline for immediate assistance and guidance during their recovery journey.

At Kartavya, our patient support programs are designed to optimize patient experiences and outcomes, both before and after medical implant procedures. We prioritize patient well-being and strive to deliver exceptional care throughout their journey towards complete recovery.