Patient Centric Solutions

Integrated Patient Access Program (iPAP)

Need for Integrated Patient Access Programs (iPAP)

Integrated Patient Access Programs (iPAPs) are essential for ensuring eligible patients have access to vital medications through a streamlined and responsible process. These programs bridge the gap between pharmaceutical companies and patients in need, facilitating the efficient delivery of medications and support initiatives.

Current Challenges

Access to Vital Medications

Many patients face challenges in accessing essential medications due to various factors such as cost, distribution, and logistics. iPAPs aim to address these challenges by streamlining the process and ensuring timely delivery of medications.

Cold Chain Management

Medications that require cold chain management present unique logistical challenges, including maintaining specific temperature requirements during storage and transportation.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, such as FDA licenses, is crucial for iPAPs to operate effectively and responsibly.

Efficient Medication Delivery

iPAPs need to ensure that medications are delivered efficiently and responsibly to eligible patients, considering factors like location, transportation, and storage.

Medication Support Initiatives

Facilitating medication support initiatives, such as free drug donations, requires a compliant and pilferage-free process to ensure that medications reach the intended recipients.

Technology Integration

Integrating technology into iPAPs is essential for efficient management, tracking, and reporting of medication delivery and support initiatives.

How Kartavya Addresses These Challenges

At Kartavya, we specialize in executing an Integrated Patient Access Program (iPAP) on behalf of our pharmaceutical clients. Our expertise lies in flawlessly implementing defined iPAP structures, ensuring eligible patients gain access to vital medications through a streamlined process. We meticulously validate documentation and adhere to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure the seamless dispensing of free medications. Our iPAPs are designed to address the above given challenges by offering:

Our Commitment to Accessibility

Our commitment to accessibility is evident through a range of convenient verification options, including digital and face-to-face methods. With a dedicated infrastructure for handling both cold and non-cold chain products, strategic courier tie-ups, and FDA licenses, we ensure efficient and responsible medication delivery.

Efficient Medication Support Initiatives

Under our iPAP, we also take pride in executing Medication Support Initiatives on behalf of our esteemed pharmaceutical clients. These initiatives are designed to facilitate free drug donations to eligible patients based on doctor referrals, ensuring a compliant and pilferage-free process. Our efficient procedures, guidelines, and technology guarantee a seamless and responsible donation process, enabling pharmaceutical companies to make a positive impact on the lives of patients in need.

Regulatory Compliance

Our iPAPs adhere to all regulatory requirements, including FDA licenses, to ensure compliance and responsible operation.

Technology-Driven Solutions

Leveraging technology, we integrate efficient procedures and guidelines to guarantee a seamless and responsible medication delivery process.

By consolidating these initiatives under the title “Integrated Patient Access Program (iPAP) at Kartavya,” we aim to provide a comprehensive solution for pharmaceutical clients looking to enhance medication accessibility and positively impact patient lives through responsible donation programs.