Patient Centric Solutions

Field-based Educator Program

Need for Diagnostic Solutions

Field-based Educators play a crucial role in providing personalized face-to-face education and counselling sessions to patients, especially in specialized fields such as diabetes education and device education. These educators bridge the gap between patients, healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical companies, ensuring patients receive comprehensive guidance and support.

Current Challenges

Specialized Education Needs

Patients often require specialized education on topics such as diabetes management or device usage, which can be challenging to address in a standard healthcare setting.

Personalized Support

Providing personalized education and counselling requires dedicated resources and expertise, especially in fields that require a deep understanding of specific medical conditions or devices.

Collaboration with Healthcare Providers

 Effective collaboration with healthcare providers is essential to ensure that patients receive consistent and accurate information that aligns with their treatment plans.

Industry Regulations

Educators must adhere to industry regulations and guidelines while providing education and support, ensuring compliance and ethical practices.

Patient Engagement

Engaging patients effectively during face-to-face sessions requires strong communication skills and the ability to address individual concerns and questions.

How Kartavya Addresses These Challenges

Kartavya adopts a comprehensive approach by combining patient support centre services with Field-Based Educators, both dedicated and on-demand, as integral components of our patient program solutions. These educators specialize in various fields, including diabetes education, device education, and more, offering personalized face-to-face education and counselling sessions at doctors’ clinics. Working in close collaboration with healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies, our educators play a vital role in ensuring that patients receive comprehensive guidance and support. They are equipped to address the above mentioned challenges by:

Specialized Education

Our Field-Based Educators are experts in their respective fields, providing patients with specialized knowledge and information. Whether it's diabetes management, proper device usage, or any other area, our educators ensure that patients gain a profound understanding of their condition.

Face-to-Face Counselling

We believe in the power of personal interactions. Our educators conduct one-on-one counselling sessions with patients, addressing their unique concerns and questions. This personalized approach fosters trust and engagement.

Compliance and Documentation

Kartavya operates in strict compliance with all relevant regulations. Our Field-Based Educators maintain meticulous documentation of their interactions, ensuring transparency, adherence to compliance standards, and comprehensive reporting to healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies.

Doctor Collaboration

Our educators work closely with doctors to align patient education with prescribed treatment plans. This collaborative effort enhances the overall quality of care patients receive and contributes to better health outcomes.

Patient-Centric Approach

With a patient-centric approach, our educators engage patients effectively, addressing their individual needs and concerns during face-to-face sessions.

By offering Field-Based Educators, Kartavya strengthens the bridge between patients, healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical companies. This educational approach supports patients in making informed decisions about their health, encourages adherence to treatment plans, and ultimately leads to improved well-being. We remain committed to facilitating meaningful connections and delivering the highest level of patient support throughout India.