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Health Check-ups

Elevate the well-being of your workforce with Kartavya’s Health Check-up services that surpass routine examinations. Our offerings include Physician Check-ups and Industrial Certifying Surgeon Services, ensuring your employees stay healthy and fit for their roles. We conduct Annual & Pre-employment Health Check-ups, Drug Screening Tests, and Hazardous Health Check-ups to foster a safe and healthy work environment. Benefit from our expansive network of Accredited Diagnostics Labs and personalized support, ensuring accurate and timely reports in compliance with statutory norms.

Services Available

Wellness Program for Corporates

Unlock the full potential of your organization by fostering a culture of well-being through Kartavya’s dedicated Wellness Programs. Our offerings go beyond the ordinary to ensure your workforce is not just healthy but thriving.
Diverse Offerings for Holistic Well-being

Engage your employees in a spectrum of activities designed to enhance both physical and mental well-being. Our comprehensive wellness portfolio includes invigorating Zumba sessions, rejuvenating Yoga classes, personalized Diet Counselling, therapeutic Physiotherapist sessions, and insightful Stress Management workshops. By addressing diverse aspects of wellness, we aim to create a harmonious and motivated workforce.

Accessibility across India

Benefit from our expansive network of Healthcare Workers (HCW) spread across India. Our services are seamlessly accessible to your employees, no matter where they are located. Kartavya ensures that the transformative power of our Wellness Programs reaches every corner of your organization, contributing to a healthier and happier workplace.

Tailored Programs for Corporate Well-being

Recognizing the unique needs of corporate environments, Kartavya crafts wellness programs that align with your organizational goals. Whether it’s boosting morale, enhancing productivity, or reducing stress, our tailored programs contribute to a positive work culture.

Expert Guidance for Lasting Impact

Our experienced team, including certified fitness instructors, dieticians, physiotherapists, and stress management experts, provides expert guidance to ensure the effectiveness of the wellness initiatives. We prioritize not just immediate well-being but also the long-term health and resilience of your employees.

Engage, Energize, Excel

At Kartavya, we believe in the power of wellness to transform workplace dynamics. Engage your employees, energize their spirits, and watch as they excel both personally and professionally. Elevate your workplace experience with Kartavya’s Comprehensive Wellness Programs – a vital step toward a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce. Contact us today to embark on a journey of corporate well-being.


Strategic Training Initiatives by Kartavya: Empowering Your Workforce for a Safer, Healthier Workplace. Types of Trainings we provide
First Aid & Safety Training

At Kartavya, we go beyond the ordinary in our commitment to employee safety. Our First Aid & Safety Training, conducted in collaboration with expert trainers, equips your workforce with essential life-saving skills. From basic first aid techniques to crisis management, our comprehensive training ensures your team is well-prepared to handle emergencies effectively.

Health Talks

Knowledge is the foundation of a healthy workforce. Kartavya’s Health Talks bring expert insights directly to your employees, covering a range of health-related topics. These talks are not just informative but also engaging, fostering a culture of well-being within your organization. Topics include nutrition, mental health, preventive care, and more.

POSH Training (Prevention of Sexual Harassment)

Ensuring a safe and respectful work environment is paramount. Kartavya’s POSH Training addresses this critical aspect, providing your employees with the knowledge and tools to recognize and prevent sexual harassment. Our comprehensive program is designed to align with legal requirements while creating a workplace culture of dignity and respect.

CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) Training

Equip your employees with life-saving CPR skills. Our training covers techniques for adults, children, and infants, ensuring your team is prepared to respond to cardiac emergencies.

Mental Health Awareness Training

Mental health is a crucial aspect of overall well-being. Our training program raises awareness about mental health issues, reduces stigma, and provides strategies for creating a supportive workplace.

Stress Management Workshops

Addressing stress is vital for employee well-being. Our workshops offer practical tools and strategies to manage stress effectively, promoting resilience and mental wellness.

Emergency Evacuation Drills

Preparedness is key in emergencies. Conducting evacuation drills ensures that your employees are familiar with evacuation procedures, enhancing workplace safety.

Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Workshops

Promote a culture of health with workshops on nutrition and healthy living. Expert guidance on balanced diets, fitness routines, and lifestyle choices contributes to a healthier and more energetic workforce.

Customized Training Solutions

Kartavya understands that each organization has unique training needs. We offer customized training solutions tailored to your industry, addressing specific health and safety concerns. Elevate your workforce’s capabilities with Kartavya’s strategic training initiatives, contributing to a safer, healthier, and more empowered workplace. Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor our training programs to meet your organization’s specific requirements.

Disease Management Programs

Kartavya, recognized as India’s Best Disease Management Company by GHP Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, is at the forefront of executing cutting-edge Patient Support Programs & Disease Management Services for Indian multinationals and MNCs. Our customized programs are strategically designed to focus on key health issues such as Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, and Cardio-Diabetes, empowering your employees to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Comprehensive Disease Management Structure

Baseline Health Check-up

Our program begins with a thorough baseline health check-up for employees. This comprehensive assessment allows us to identify existing health concerns and potential risk factors.

Health Classification

Based on the health check-up outcomes, employees are categorized into groups such as Healthy, Diabetic/Pre-diabetic, Obesity, Hypertension, or Cardio-Diabetes. This precise classification forms the foundation for personalized interventions.

Customized Intervention Programs

Kartavya’s Disease Management Programs are not one-size-fits-all. We tailor interventions based on the specific health needs of each employee group. This may include targeted fitness routines, dietary guidance, stress management techniques, and other health-improving activities.

Engagement with Health Coaches

Employees identified with specific health concerns will have dedicated health coaches. These professionals work closely with individuals to provide guidance, support, and motivation. Regular check-ins ensure that employees stay on track with their health improvement goals.

Periodic Health Reassessment

After a set interval, we reassess the health of participating employees. This step allows us to measure the effectiveness of the interventions and identify areas for further improvement.

Reward and Recognition

Recognizing and rewarding positive health outcomes is a key motivator. Employees who achieve health improvement milestones are acknowledged, fostering a positive and encouraging workplace culture.

Customizable Programs for Unique Organizational Needs

Our Disease Management Programs are highly flexible and can be tailored to the specific requirements of your organization. Whether focusing on a particular health concern or addressing the overall well-being of your workforce, Kartavya ensures that the program aligns seamlessly with your organizational goals.

Partner with Kartavya for a Healthier Future

Elevate your workforce’s well-being, promote productivity, and foster a healthy work environment with Kartavya Healthcare Solutions. Our Disease Management Programs not only identify and address health issues but also empower your employees to proactively manage their health. Contact us today to initiate a journey towards a healthier, happier, and more productive future together.

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