White Labelled Services

Phlebotomy Services

Welcome to Kartavya, your dedicated partner in delivering exceptional White Labelled Phlebotomy Services and healthcare staffing solutions.

Understanding the critical role of precise sample collection and skilled laboratory technicians in the healthcare ecosystem, we are committed to enhancing your brand’s reputation through tailored and reliable solutions.
White Labelled Phlebotomy Services

At the core of our offerings is our specialized White Labelled Phlebotomy Services. We take pride in providing discreet and professional lab technicians and phlebotomists for home visits, laboratory support, and collection centres. Our commitment is to seamlessly integrate into your brand, ensuring a positive patient experience and maintaining the highest standards of quality throughout every interaction.

Home Visits and Lab Support

Experience excellence with our White Labelled Lab Technicians and Phlebotomists, available for home visits and dedicated lab support. Their skill and professionalism extend your brand’s reach into patients’ homes and reinforce the quality of services offered at your laboratories. Precision and a commitment to patient satisfaction are at the forefront of every visit.

Collection Center Support

Choose reliability with our White Labelled Phlebotomy Services designed for collection centres. Our skilled professionals are trained to enhance the efficiency of your operations, ensuring a positive and consistent experience for your clients. Elevate your brand image with our dedicated support at every collection centre.

Staffing Solutions

Beyond services, our White Labelled Phlebotomy Services include strategic staffing solutions. Through our Manpower Recruitment & Support, we provide skilled lab technicians and phlebotomists, offering a competent workforce tailored to meet the dynamic needs of your organization.

Choose Kartavya for a seamless integration of White Labelled Phlebotomy Services into your brand, where precision meets professionalism and every service add value to your healthcare operations.

Field Force Educators

Elevate your brand and streamline outreach with our exclusive service – Dynamic Field Force Educators. As pioneers in providing comprehensive solutions to diagnostic reagent manufacturing companies, we bring you a specialized team of educators who act as white-labelled representatives, seamlessly integrating into your brand identity.

Service Include

At Kartavya, we understand the pivotal role of effective education in promoting diagnostic devices, machines, and reagents. Our Field Force Educators, donned in your brand's identity, operate under the Kartavya payroll. This unique collaboration ensures a professional and cohesive brand representation during interactions with doctors and customers.

Our Field Force Educators actively engage with medical professionals, ensuring a thorough understanding of your diagnostic products. From highlighting device features to elucidating the benefits of your reagents, our educators serve as the bridge between your innovations and the medical community. This personalized approach fosters credibility and establishes a lasting impact on your target audience.

At Kartavya, we go beyond traditional service offerings. We actively participate in defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with our clients, ensuring a clear focus on measurable outcomes. Through meticulous monitoring and reporting, we guarantee a transparent and data-driven approach, allowing you to gauge the success of your educational outreach.

Simplify your operations with our end-to-end service model. From the recruitment of skilled Field Force Educators to seamless payroll processing, Kartavya takes care of the entire lifecycle. This allows you to concentrate on your core competencies while we ensure a dedicated and motivated team working towards your diagnostic success.

Call Centre Services

Kartavya offers white-labelled contact centre services, enabling diagnostic companies to enhance their customer interactions and support services. With a team of trained professionals and state-of-the-art technology, we provide both inbound and outbound call centre solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Inbound Call Centre Services

Our inbound call centre acts as a dedicated helpdesk, handling various queries and concerns from customers and patients. Our skilled agents are equipped to provide timely and accurate information related to diagnostics, test results, appointment scheduling, and more. With a focus on empathy and professionalism, we ensure a seamless and positive customer experience, strengthening the bond between your brand and your valued clientele.

Outbound Call Centre Services

Through our outbound call centre services, we facilitate targeted campaigns to promote health check-up packages and improve patient adherence. Our proactive agents make personalized calls to potential customers, offering them relevant health check-up packages based on their specific disease areas and monitoring requirements. By providing valuable reminders and insights, we aim to drive patient engagement and empower individuals to prioritize their health and well-being.

At Kartavya, we understand the significance of effective customer engagement in the healthcare industry. Our white-labelled contact centre services ensure that your brand remains at the forefront of all interactions, fostering trust and loyalty among your customer base. By partnering with us, you can elevate your customer support, boost sales, and ultimately deliver exceptional patient experiences in the competitive diagnostic services landscape.

Logistics Services

Kartavya offers specialized logistics services tailored to the unique needs of diagnostic labs. Our comprehensive logistics solutions ensure timely and secure transportation of samples, enabling smooth day-to-day operations for our valued clients. With a well-coordinated team and a network of logistic associates, we guarantee efficient and reliable logistics operations.
White Labelled Programs

As part of our white-labelled logistics programs, Kartavya seamlessly integrates with our client’s brand. We operate discreetly in the background, ensuring that the diagnostic lab remains the forefront of the entire process. This approach reinforces the client’s brand identity and fosters a sense of trust among patients.

Tech-Enabled Logistics

At Kartavya, we harness the power of advanced technology to provide seamless logistics services. We adapt to our client’s preferred third-party platform, collaborating harmoniously within their existing systems. This integration ensures smooth data exchange and simplifies the logistics process, from sample pickup to delivery.

Rider, Walker & Runner Service

To ensure unparalleled efficiency in sample collection, Kartavya employs a dynamic team of logistics personnel, consisting of Riders, Walkers, and Runners.

  • Rider Service: Our Rider Service offers swift sample collection over more extensive service areas, such as urban or suburban regions.
  • Walker Service: Our Walker Service focuses on sample collection in dense or pedestrian-friendly areas where vehicles may face restrictions. Walkers are assigned specific routes on foot to access locations where vehicular transport is impractical.
  • Runner Service: Our Runner Service caters to efficient sample movement within designated areas. Kartavya assigns dedicated personnel to specific locations, undertaking multiple visits for pickups and deliveries.
Timely Sample Movement

Through a strategic combination of Riders, Walkers, and Runners, Kartavya ensures prompt pickups and efficient sample deliveries, minimizing any delays in the diagnostic process. This diverse and versatile team allows us to cater to various locations and optimize delivery times for each sample.

Exclusive Personnel Management

It is important to note that Kartavya does not have pre-existing logistics personnel on the ground. Instead, we recruit dedicated personnel on behalf of diagnostic companies. These personnel work exclusively for the client, and Kartavya manages them as if they were on our payroll. Our comprehensive personnel management services include:

  1. Checking Travel Expenses Bills: Kartavya diligently verifies travel expenses to ensure accurate and transparent billing.
  2. Payroll Processing: We efficiently process payroll for the logistics personnel, ensuring timely compensation.
  3. Visit Plan Optimization: Our team expertly optimizes visit plans, maximizing efficiency and minimizing travel time.
  4. Attendance Tracking & Leaves Management: Kartavya diligently tracks attendance and efficiently manages leaves, ensuring smooth operations.
  5. Roster Management: We handle roster management to facilitate efficient logistics operations.
Joint Management & Training

Our white-labelled solution involves joint management and training between Kartavya and the diagnostic lab. While we handle certain areas of logistics, other areas are exclusively managed by our client. This collaborative approach ensures seamless integration and a cohesive logistics process.

Kartavya’s logistics services, complemented by a well-coordinated Rider, Walker, and Runner team, offer a comprehensive and efficient solution to sample transportation needs for diagnostic labs. Partner with Kartavya to streamline your logistics operations and deliver superior patient experiences. Our personalized approach and dedication to excellence will undoubtedly enhance the efficiency of your diagnostic services.