Patient Centric Solutions

Integrated Camp Solutions

Current Challenges

Clinical Camp Management

Organizing and managing clinical camps efficiently requires coordination among various stakeholders and resources.

Point-of-Care Medical Devices

Ensuring the availability and proper usage of point-of-care medical devices in clinical camps is crucial for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Strategic Tie-ups

Establishing strategic tie-ups with diagnostic labs is essential for accessing a wide range of diagnostic services and expertise.

Event Support

Providing support during important days and events involves coordinating activities and resources to ensure effective participation and impact.

How Kartavya Addresses These Challenges

At Kartavya, our Integrated Camp Solutions address these challenges by offering:

Clinical Camps with Comprehensive Healthcare
Workforce, supporting In-Clinic Camps across India

At Kartavya, we take pride in offering a diverse and skilled healthcare workforce (HCW) that includes Phlebotomists, Technicians, Dieticians, Yoga Instructors, Physiotherapists, Device Educators, Pulmonary Physiotherapists, Doctors, Nurses, and more. Our team of HCWs is readily available across India, ensuring easy access to medical support for your in-clinic camps.

Point-of-Care Devices

Kartavya offers an extensive range of point-of-care devices to conduct point of care tests and screenings for diseases such as Diabetes, Gynaecology, Cardiology, Virology, Urology, Dermatology, Bone Health, Respiratory, and more. Some of the devices we provide include BMD machines, HbA1C, Lipid, Creatinine, ACR, Biothesiometer, Thyroid (TSH), ECG, Blood Pressure (BP), ABPM (Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring), Uroflowmetry test, Uric Acid screening, IBD, Body composition analysis, EEG, Haemoglobin, Cardiac markers, Vitamin D, and many others.

Diagnostic Centre Network

Apart from our in-clinic camp services, Kartavya has strategic tie-ups with various diagnostic labs, both national and regional players. Through our single window system, pharmaceutical companies can access multiple diagnostic centres seamlessly, streamlining pathology, radiology, and diagnostic

HealthEvent Plus

At Kartavya, we understand the significance of special days and events in the healthcare industry, and we offer customized solutions to maximize engagement and impact during these occasions. Our tailored HealthEvent Plus cater to various important days, including: Women's Day, World Doctor's Day, World Diabetes Day, World Heart Day, World Asthma Day, World Cancer Day, World Immunization Week, World Tuberculosis Day, World Mental Health Day and many more. Kartavya's HealthEvent Plus enable its clients to create meaningful engagements with healthcare professionals and patients, aligning with the spirit of these special occasions.

By providing access to expert healthcare workers, comprehensive camp planning, and impactful activities, we ensure that each event becomes a successful platform for promoting health and well-being. Our dedication to seamless execution and personalized approaches enhances the overall impact of these initiatives, making every special day a remarkable and memorable experience for all stakeholders involved.