Pharma & Lifesciences

Marketing & Sales Support

Field Force Solutions

Kartavya delivers a comprehensive suite of Field Force Solutions to fortify your company’s market presence and foster engagement with healthcare professionals. Our services include:

Recruitment & Payroll Management

Efficient Recruitment: We manage the recruitment process, ensuring a dedicated and skilled team of medical representatives.

Streamlined Payroll Management: Our services guarantee timely and accurate compensation for the field force team.

Digital Engagement

Our Digital Medical Representatives leverage digital channels to conduct outreach programs, connecting with healthcare professionals and providing essential product information.

Outreach Program

Through our Doctor’s Outreach Program, medical representatives conduct in-person visits to uncharted territories, expanding market reach and establishing strong relationships with healthcare professionals.

By consolidating these services under the umbrella of Field Force Solutions, Kartavya offers a seamlessly integrated approach to enhance the sales and marketing efforts of our clients. Our qualified field force team, combined with digital engagement strategies and targeted outreach programs, works cohesively to ensure effective representation of our clients’ brands and successful engagement with healthcare professionals.

Ancillary Support Solutions

Kartavya extends a suite of ancillary services through our trusted network of specialized partners. Tailored to the unique needs of pharmaceutical companies, these services encompass medical content writing, promotional collateral creation (standees, canopies, posters strategically placed in clinics and hospitals), digital marketing, social media influencer collaborations, video production, and tech platform or app development. Recognizing the importance of amplifying brand visibility and awareness in the competitive market, we are dedicated to delivering customized marketing and sales support solutions. 

Partner with us to leverage our experience and expertise in ancillary services, meticulously designed to align seamlessly with your specific goals and requirements.