Expanding Frontiers

CSR Initiatives & NGOs

Kartavya Healtheon, your trusted partner in empowering impactful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives for NGOs and Corporates. As a dedicated healthcare service provider, we offer a diverse range of services that perfectly align with the social and healthcare objectives of NGOs and corporate CSR activities across India. With Kartavya as your implementing partner, together, we can create a lasting difference in the lives of those in need.
Health Camps for Underserved Communities

Make a difference in the well-being of underserved communities by organizing health camps in rural or marginalized areas. Kartavya’s experienced team conducts comprehensive medical camps, offering essential check-ups, diagnostics, and health awareness programs to empower communities with preventive healthcare.

Healthcare Access for Vulnerable Groups

Reach out to vulnerable groups, such as elderly populations or differently-abled individuals, with our home visit services. Kartavya provides personalized healthcare support, including nurse at home services and physiotherapy, ensuring no one is left behind in receiving quality care.

Patient Support Programs for Post-Discharge Care

Support patients after hospital discharge with Kartavya’s patient support programs. By extending assistance in understanding discharge summaries, scheduling follow-up visits, and offering at-home services, your CSR initiatives can contribute to smoother recoveries and reduce readmission rates.

Health Awareness Workshops

Empower communities with engaging health awareness workshops covering vital topics such as first aid & safety, preventive healthcare, nutrition, and disease management. Kartavya’s expert trainers foster health-conscious behaviours among participants, leading to healthier and happier communities.

Supporting Healthcare Workers and Staff

Acknowledge the dedication of healthcare workers and staff by providing essential services through Kartavya. Our on-demand healthcare worker staffing, payroll management, and medical staffing services can support the healthcare professionals who serve your CSR projects.

Patient Companion Services for Compassionate Care

Ensure patients receive compassionate care during their hospital stay with Kartavya’s patient companion services. By engaging our dedicated companions, your CSR initiatives can enhance the patient experience and provide invaluable support to caregivers.

Creating a Meaningful Impact Together

At Kartavya Healtheon, we are committed to making CSR activities purposeful and impactful. NGOs can approach us to become their implementing partner for healthcare-related initiatives, while corporates have the option to drive their CSR activities directly through Kartavya or in collaboration with their partnered NGOs. Together, we embark on a journey to build healthier and happier communities.

Reach out to Kartavya, to discuss how we can tailor our services to complement your CSR objectives. As your dedicated partner, we can make a lasting and positive impact on the lives of those in need. Contact us today to explore our partnership opportunities and drive transformative CSR initiatives together.